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To gain that competitive advantage and superior business through an agile android app, hire Android app developers from Cart Geek. We provide you with an incredibly simple and entertaining framework designed contextually by our professional developers. Recruiting our professionals ensures you have exposure to the industry expertise and scalable methodologies. Our widely experienced and highly reputed developers will ensure your projects will be executed comprehensively and flawlessly.

  • Cost savings by up to 60%
  • Experienced Android coders
  • Lean processes, Agile mindset
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • 2X faster
  • Authorization of source code

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Services Provided by Our Android Developers

Our mastery in this field has enabled us to successfully design and deliver 250+ web application development projects that are secure, reliable and easy to maintain.

User Experience for Android Apps

Our Android App developers are the perfect choice of professionals that you can hire to add that perfect mix of innovation, elegance and engagement to woo your users.

Native & Hybrid Android Apps

Based on solid architecture knowledge and strong design sense our Android App developers are ready, skilled and ready to build.

Ar & Vr Android Apps

Our engineers have know-how and experience in working on the new AR & VR technologies to create innovative apps for mobile consumers.

Wearable Android Apps

In this trendy world of wearable android apps, our specialists are strongly committed to facilitate business with the use such comprehensive and real-time applications.

Android Widget

Creating a network and streamlining socialization with well-developed chat applications that can be incorporated on iPhone platforms. These powerful app widgets allow users to use the device additionally as an add-on on their home screens.

Android & Blockchain App

We are open to collaborations as technical partners when you work with cryptocurrency transfers and want an Android app from Blockchain that simplifies your business transactions.

Entertainment on Android

At CartGeek, our energetic squad of android app developers are constantly developing gaming apps that have potentiality in the entertainment industry.

Social Media on Android

Our Android professionals are in step with new technologies and are constantly working to serve customers with highly engaging Mobile apps for social networking.

Gps, Bluetooth & Wi-fi Android Apps

Over and above that, our Android app developers build Android applications which amazingly support location-based application functions.

Hire Android Developers

On Monthly, Part-time, Hourly or Fixed Cost Basis.

  • Dynamic and Time-bound Projects
  • Transparent Pricing Policy
  • Minimum Monthly Hours Guarantee
  • Pay Only for Quantifiable Work

Our Pricing Model

  • Hiring Cartgeek Android Developers Helps Integrate Productivity and Functionality.
  • Make a Dominant App by Optimizing Its Performance Through Responsive Ui/UX.
  • Our Developers Are Available for Hire to Work at Your Workplace as Per Your Business Requirements.
  • If Your Project Has Very Specific Requirements and You Are Absolutely Sure About the Project Details Then You Can Go for Our Fixed Price Work Option.
  • Our Developers From Cartgeek Will Assist You on a Specific Domain.
  • We Will Help You Turn Your Ideas Into Live Applications in the Best Possible Way Within Your Budget.
  • Payments Can Be Split on a Monthly Basis Instead of Making All the Payments at Once.

Project Staffing

  • Contractual Hiring

    Cartgeek provides contractual hiring services to keep your business up to date by providing you with a skilled workforce. Our outsourcing strategies are designed to ensure you get the right employee to meet your organizational goals.

  • Permanent Hiring

    Cartgeek also provides clients with dedicated developers to work for them full-time. Our Android Developers who will be working for your team have received high reviews from our long list of customers and are well qualified to produce excellent results.

Cartgeek, Your Dedicated Resource Partner in Android Developers.

We at Cartgeek will keep you supplied on a timely basis with our skilled software developers to meet all your PHP development needs as and when you require them.

Technical Support When You Need It

Our Developers are always on the ready to provide you with technical support on time-critical projects.

Progress Reporting

Our Developers will provide you with daily/weekly/monthly reports to keep you updated and maintain operation transparency.

Your Team, Your Choice

You have the freedom to pick your team according to your requirements by scheduling interviews with our developers.

Free Quotation

Tell us about your project requirements and we will tailor your quotation accordingly.

Time to Scale Up

Our services include scaling up your existing projects.

Building Resilient Brands

CartGeek is well recognized for employing young and talented Android app developers with immense potential to execute successful projects. Since our Android specialists are the best in their field, they create adaptable applications using precise and specialized programming technologies.

The main technologies stacked by our Android developers are Android SDK, Java / J2ME, C++, APIs, SQLite and Linux, to make the ulmtimate application appropriate to your business.

Get your expert to run through our portfolio and connect with us at CartGeek for more queries.

Iterating Our Hiring Model

Pick the App Technology

The preference of technologies for the creation of the Android app is top priority, which we you must choose from. Here, we encourage you to shortlist an experienced application developer and UX designer as needed.


Our technicians then concentrate on preparing the project layout after obtaining the critical information from you, so that we can provide you with a budget-friendly framework solution. The features and scope of an application is visualized and specified minutely in wireframing.

Top Hiring Model

CartGeek offers you extremely flexible hiring models for you to choose from. They could be hourly, daily or monthly, either part or full-time. Pick your choice of hiring model and voila our experts are at your service.

Choose The Resource

Once you have picked your hiring model you have the liberty to screen our list of resources. You may interview them to single out the apt app developer for your development, designing and testing requirements.

Convenience in Payment

CartGeek is popular for giving clients the flexibility to pay as per their convenient method. You could choose from Credit card to PayPal or any other for of payment, we accept them all.

App Development Initiation

Once you reach this stage you can now ask your chosen developer or team to start developing Android apps in a systematic manner. It is up to you to implement the process flow based on your needs.

Post Development Process

At every stage we maintain professionalism to meet targeted production deadlines. Our expert developers focus solely on quality and best output. We have a Project Management System designed to ensure and track the development progress. If necessary, we are ready to use your internal PMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our processes and how we function.

What would be the most effective and well-known programming languages for making high-grade Android Apps?

The best-suited programming languages for developing Android Apps are mentioned below-
– Kotlin
– Java
– C/C++
– C#
– PhoneGap
– Corona/LUA

What are the platforms that woul;d be most efficient in the process of Android app development?

There are a number of platforms that are apt for developing Android apps, some of the best among them are-

– Mobile Roadie
– Android Studio
– The App Builder
– App Machine
– AppMakr

We heard that Android app development services have a number of benefits. What are some of them?

Android app development services are beneficial in a number of ways. Some of them are:
– Low Investment and High ROI
– Open-source
– Easy app approval processes
– Customizable UI
– Highly secure
– Easy integration
– Easy to adopt
– Multiple Network Distribution

What are some of the frameworks that are beneficial in the development of Android?

Some of the popular Frameworks used by Android app development companies are:


-React Native
– JQuery Mobile
– Corona SDK
– PhoneGap
– NativeScript
– Ionic
– Xamarin
– Appcelerator Titanium
– TheAppBuilder
– Sencha Touch

What are the different types of pricing models that you follow at Cart Geek?

We follow:
– Dedicated Hiring
– On an Hourly Basis
– Fixed Hiring

Does Cart Geek sign service level agreements?

Yes, we do.

How does hiring a dedicated team of developers benefit us?

The benefits of hiring dedicated and highly skilled developers are as follows:-
– It gives you an opportunity to leverage the expertise of skilled developers
– You have total control over the development process
– Hiring a passionate and dedicated team guarantees Quality Assurance and Risk Minimization
– We provide a dedicated Scrum Masters (Project Manager) to manage your project as well as team, at no additional charges.
– Additionally, these developers work as a part of your team.

Is it possible to hire developers of our choice and what process do you follow for the same?

After a careful and thorough understanding of your project requirements, we assign a skilled and efficient programmer to work on your project under a well-established IT set-up. We let you conduct as many interviews as you want before you hire a developer of your choice.

If by chance, the expertise of the developer hired by you does not deliver the desired output or if you wish to add more developers with the diverse skill-sets, then we provide help to you in both situations at our earliest. We guarantee 100% project success and let you have absolute peace of mind.

What is the estimated cost involved in building an Android app cost?

The cost of building an Android app depends upon a few factors like:
– The size of your app
– Number of features
– Android version etc.

The typical calculation if you hire dedicated full-stack Android developers on an hourly basis, is defined by you.

How should we choose the best-suited from an array of Android app development companies in India?

The ideal way to go about if you are looking for the best Android development company and have a budget constraint is to choose a mid-scale Indian Android development company.

The company should have:
1) A minimum of 5-10 years of industry experience
2) Have successfully build at least 200+ apps
3) Have a team of at least 20+ android app developers
4) Service Clients in more than 10 countries/ globally

Cart Geek is an Indian Android development company, with more than a decade of expertise and experience in delivering excellence to clients globally and we would absolutely love to service you.

What are the benefits of hiring a team of dedicated Android developers?

If you are in need of speedy delivery of your project at low investment cost, it is a wise idea to opt for dedicated Android developers that will work solely on your project and deliver speedy results.

How is the hiring of Android app development services beneficial to our company?

88% of smartphone users continue to use Android. Building an Android app for your business is an unavoidable part of your business these days. Hence, instead of setting up a new team, it’s wiser to opt for Android app development services.

– It is highly cost-efficient and time-saving.
– It gives you the flexibility to work with experienced industry experts
– Provides you with all the tech expertise that you need at one place
– Facilitates a hassle-free flow of work
– High-end reliability in work

What are the languages that deliver excellent results in Android development?

The most preferred programming languages best suited for android development have been Java and Kotlin. You can hire Android developers with expertise in Java and Kotlin from Cart Geek!

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