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Cart Geek’s well defined and highly tested processes enable us to extensively offer a wide array of outsourcing services by maintaining a very High-Grade quality, efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness that go in line with our outsourcing services standards. Our unique offshore business model enable us to be proficient, produce substantially high quality and measurable results through our detailed and defined processes.

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Our Top-notch Outsourcing Model

Cart Geek has a decade of rich and extensive experience in the development of software. We give impetus to first thoroughly understand the needs of our clients and strive to deliver excellent services to our clients. At Cart Geek we follow a very elastic and adaptable business model that offers our clients options to select from our range of offshore software outsourcing models.

Fixed Cost plan

Sometimes clients have projects that need to be done within a short span of time along with well-defined goals, then we first review the project and then give them a fixed price. The project is entrusted to a team of skilled developers that ensure to deliver the project within the set production time and deliver excellent results.

Time and Material based plans

This model is best suited for clients whose project needs waver over time during the process of development. Clients have the ability to add or subtract resources as the need emerges during the development of the project.

Offshore Development plans

In case our clients require large and critical software development projects where project requirements vary over time and have no clear goals defined, We appoint a dedicated team of developers who have the expertise and skills in their fields. They work on your project, no matter how complex it is to deliver the desired results.

Reasons to opt for workforce deployment

Workforce deployment has become an innate part of global development that came into being due to world economic evolution. Today, offshore outsourcing is widespread and acts as an elevator of value that enables companies to streamline their key operations at significant cost-benefits.

The essence of effectively and efficiently outsourcing your projects lies in selecting an experienced outsourcing service provider that is highly skilled to meet your vital business needs and technological requirements and capable to match your expectations.

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Cart Geek is a responsible IT outsourcing company offering its customers innovative software development solutions. Outsourcing to India is very attractive for foreign customers. It has highly professional companies, such as Cart Geek, offering its outsourcing clients many benefits. The benefits of recruiting Cart Geek as your IT outsourcing company are

Cost-effective Development

Compared to foreign countries such as the USA, UK and Australia, the professional developers have their technological finesse at affordable rates. This reduces the project development costs and pushes up their ROI.

Elastic Hiring Options

Based on their project requirements, clients can hire developers and programmers services.They can be recruited on a weekly and monthly basis. This helps them to lower their cost of development and increase their return on investment.

A Decrease in the number of Development Risks

Cart Geek follows established and time-tested methodologies for software development, and its team ensures that risks are greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

Focussed on Core Competency

Our clients benefit immensely by making us their outsourcing partner as we free them from the burden and allow them to concentrate more on developing their core competency. They will devote more of their time and resources to core business processes and thus boost their local market reputation.

Focussed on Core Competency

Our clients benefit immensely by making us their outsourcing partner as we free them from the burden and allow them to concentrate more on developing their core competency. They will devote more of their time and resources to core business processes and thus boost their local market reputation.

Questions You Want To Know

When you opt for services from an IT outsourcing company, your business gains more value as you can designate your development tasks to the IT outsourcing company and focus more on your daily business activities. In addition, you save the expenses of development as well as time.

Cart Geek as a reliable software outsourcing company offers engagement models like:
  1. Dedicated team hiring- When our clients project requires dedicated attention towards their project then we highly recommend hiring a dedicated team.
  2. Hourly model- If our clients are in need of assistance with short term projects that include time lapses, then hourly model is most apt for you.
  3. Fixed price- If our clients require pre-defined and well planned projects to be completed then we go ahead with the fixed price model.

India has come to be seen as a massive pool of extremely skilled software developers that provide their efficient services at very cost-effective prices. In addition, India’s friendly government policies for IT outsourcing add up to the causes for being a preferred go-to outsourcing needs for clients across the globe.

As a renowned company that offers its services across the globe, we understand the need for secure data and thus, we give high impetus to data security. We make sure to sign an NDA before we undertake your project. This makes certain that you have your data privacy and project secrecy.

One should hire an IT outsourcing company over freelancers due to a number of reasons like-
  1. IT outsourcing companies are immensely professional
  2. They provide easy and hassle-free replacements if your company does not prefer the work of their current developers
  3. They offer data security via signed NDAs
  4. They assign a dedicated project manager to overlook your project

Similar to most of the Indian software development outsourcing companies, we at Cart Geek efficiently work with clients that belong to different time zones. This is done by:
  1. Setting clear-cut project requirements.
  2. Strategically overlap hours
  3. Make use of excellent communication channels.
  4. Carry out routine meetings during the overlap hours
  5. Incorporate High-Grade project management tools

In majority of the cases, the software outsourcing companies are very well-equipped with top-notch qualitative IT infrastructure. At Cart Geek, we have the facility to offer complete IT support to our clients and provide our existing ready to help setup in order to expediate the speed of your project.

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