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Cart Geek is established as top Magento Development Company & rigorously uses Magento capabilities to provide clients with innovative web store solutions. The solutions developed are reliable, scalable and versatile, ensuring a higher conversion rate.

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High powered Magento Solutions by Cart Geek

Magento Cloud

Cloud applications shield businesses from any volatility in orders that their shopping store faces. Magento cloud keeps the performance of the website stable by managing both the drop in traffic and flood orders. Our technical experts are constantly monitoring web servers and allowing your store to provide services around the clock.

High Speed

A large number of customers expect a web page to be loaded instantly, and many of them will abandon it if it is not loaded within a few seconds. We at Cart Geek optimize the front-end speed and overall back-end efficiency to maximize speed

Conversion based approach

Our growth is measured by the success of our clients apps, hence each project that we undertake is evaluated and developed with appropriate strategy, excellent approaches, innovative ideas and implementations focused on conversion.

Omnichannel presence

We use a multichannel / omnichannel approach which provides consumers with a seamless shopping experience and helps companies achieve their business goals.

Ideal Marketplace

Our skilled experts in e-commerce will provide you with a multi-vendor marketplace. This turns a website of Magento into an ideal marketplace where different sellers (merchants / vendors) can sell their products. By getting a track record of their sales, business owners can keep adding more sellers.

Integrated Solutions

Developing an E-Commerce platform is just the first step, integrating specific features into the platform is what will set it apart. Our experts help companies combine ERP, CRM, Inventory Management, Shipping, Payments, and related technologies to deliver the best results.

Designing Magento Stores for Success, the Cart Geek Way

Cart Geek owns every feature that will play an essential role for your online store to excel. Bolstering success in digital commerce by blending approach, design and development. We produce efficient and effective mobile apps, web apps, and digital storefronts with full expertise and experience.

Instead of working as a solution provider, we at Cart Geek prefer to develop the partner mindset. Keeping your business success in mind while developing your apps. We develop our strategic plan for each project keeping its unique features in mind.

Our comprehensive and creative Magento development services have powered numerous websites suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Our suite of Magento Development Services

Developing Magento Website

Cart Geek’s Magento development agency will align your business with success by providing you with improved store accessibility, speed, responsiveness, content management, and execution of strong marketing strategies to improve business revenue.

Developing Magento Module

Our specialists in Magento fully understand our clients complex e-store requirements. Based on this understanding, they use blocks, templates, and controllers to configure the store modules. These modules help expand the functionality of the Magento setup.

Customized Magento Solutions

Our Magento developers are experts in designing a store from scratch, upgrading existing architecture, Magento migration, third-party API integration, and so on. We are fully open to all the specifications of Magento and aim to provide our customers with an easy Magento solution.

Shopping Cart

We are blessed with the extremely talented Magento shopping cart developers, who will work adroitly to help you in your advanced feature-enriched Magento store. Cart Geek will provide you with a high-tech shopping cart with smooth navigation and optimum protection.

Integrating Payment & Shipping Gateway

We integrate our technical expertise into your website to add third-party shipping and payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and square to ensure smooth payment & shipping.

Empowering Businesses With Our Web Solutions. Everyday. All Day.

Why Choose Cart Geek as Your Cart Geek As Your Magento Development Partner?

We first perform an in-depth evaluation of the requirement of your project and then propose the perfect Magento solution

Spot-on Project Launches

We develop Magento solutions using best practices and coding standards to match our customer’s needs as well as to transform business objectives into growth and scalability.

Customized Solutions

Our Magento developers add features and functions that are necessary to expand your website and create solutions that are entirely tailored to suit the diverse needs of your business.

Market supremacy

Cart Geek harnesses technology to use it as leverage so as to provide our global customers with Magento solutions which are future-ready and capable of gaining supremacy in the online market by quickly widening your business boundaries.

Digital Asset Protection

We take rigorous precautionary steps to keep our customers data private. This is why we take rigorous security measures to ensure that your data, source code, and applications get high-level protection.

Cross-Browser freedom

Cart Geek offers innovative Magento web solutions that are well known for seamless delivery and work exceptionally well across different browsers. Magento development makes it easier for users to go beyond the browsers.

Mobile Ready

Our Magento experts create an appealing interface that is specifically designed for mobile devices to ensure the users have a seamless shopping experience.

Questions You Want To Know

Feel free to contact us and talk to us about your idea, we will evaluate them and recommend the best solution that suits your business goals

Yes. Our Magento team has extensive experience in customizing and designing extensions from scratch. Just let us know your specific needs, and our developers will add that feature to your shop.

We usually recommend that you opt for multiple payment gateways, as it allows customers the choice to choose their favorite online payment option. However, you can always consult with our Magento experts to choose one that will match your requirements.

Sure, we will help you move to Magento from your existing web store. Our developers can ensure that your data is moved to your new website safely (without any loss).

Yes, you can. We will send you the final design’s skeletal structures for approval. Through this, you will get a taste of your web store’s look and feel.

Sure, we provide a wide range of SEO services and marketing solutions that improve your online presence effectively.

Although Magento updates are released frequently, an upgrade is not always required, unless it’s a big update in security change.

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