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Our team of professionals help you to maintain your website for you and let you focus on your business. We handle WordPress, Ecommerce, Magento or any type website without any hassel to you.

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The Most Trusted Service Partner for All Your Website Maintenance Needs

Our standard program includes updating content, uploading photos, and phone and email support. They include all forms of website maintenance and support services that you need in order to ensure both your online marketing’s short as well as long-term success. Additionally, it contains an analysis, edit or change existing websites to keep your website up-to-date.

Websites are not meant to be static. A practice website’s benefit is the ability to keep current information available at a reasonable cost. We believe that over time you will want to revise some or all of your web pages as well as add additional web pages to your business needs. To help you keep up-to-date information online, we at Cart Geek offer an array of website maintenance services.

The zenith - Cart Geek’s Website Maintenance Checklist

Our checklist will certainly persuade you!

Performance Checks

Our in-depth and comprehensive maintenance checklist makes sure that your website performs at its best. Our professionals ensure that all your website performance monitoring activities are timely scheduled with the help of our automated CRM system. Our transparent system of functioning makes certain that a detailed report is sent across to you for your reference.

Enhancements & Fixes

To ensure that you have a bug free website, our professionals conduct regular health checkups for your website and carry out tasks related to improvements. Our team looks after any issues that arise through third-party plugins or by the core itself. We strive to resolve your issue at the first ticket and first priority.

Secure your Content and Backup

Our maintenance programs are highly efficient and beneficial as we enable you to you can add, edit and update content whenever you want or need to. When it comes to the system, Cart Geek takes full backup prior to any major update and even if needed the backup can be on-demand from the client.

Routine Functionality Checks

We constantly keep a check on whether all your forms are functioning efficiently and whether inquiry emails are received smoothly. Our professionals also keep a check for broken links on the website and rectify it immediately. Broken links hamper the functionality of your SEO, hence repairing it immediately helps to keep your SEO health score high.

Round the clock Tech Support

Our skilled technical support team constantly keeps you updated via our systematic auto ticket management system. Additionally, ou support team connects with you via calls or emails depending on the situation. We guarantee our clients that the majority of their tickets will be resolved within 24-48 hours of the issue of the ticket.

Anti-Virus and hack-proof systems

Our top-notch security implementations prevent and protect your website from hacking, malware, and other viruses. In any situation of hack or malware, our skilled technical team makes it their top priority to resolve the issue at their earliest. And we strive to work in sync with you until we successfully make your website 100% hack or malware-free.


Smartly Automated and Efficiently Structured Website Maintenance Process

Cart Geek has a predefined procedure and a team of skilled experts to work on your maintenance projects. Our well-designed CRM ticket systems help in a number of ways. It gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with our tech team whenever necessary The security measures we make on your website are highly proven.


Take action on

Our technical team starts the work of your maintenance project via a smartly designed CRM framework. Upon implementation, we do all the requisite one-time activities to ensure full security of the newly launched project. It also includes full database backup.


Keep Safe

We ensure that website passwords, files, and certificates are completely protected and managed through the system. We used a range of techniques that we studied and used for a long time while carrying out tasks that require secure and safe-conducts. The security measures we make on your website are strongly tested.


Stay up-to-date

In this process, our team will make all the necessary changes to the website that you have requested. We make sure that we complete the same within 24-48 hours or less. Besides your order, as mentioned, we do all the periodic updates.


Provide feedback

We believe in full accountability and provide up-to-date monthly/quarterly traffic reports and monthly/quarterly activity reports of our work on your website that will help you understand the success of your website. The frequency is specified according to the scope of the work.

Stay Relevant and Up-to-date

Stop stressing about Routinely Updating and Maintaining your Websites - . Let Cart Geek do it for you.

Wordpress Blog Maintenance

If your business website has a blog section, be certain that our maintenance program will cover that too. Our highly skilled technical team will help you to keep up with the latest trends, posting articles, and blogs as and when your business requires.

Optimization of Content

Irrespective of the nature of content update i.e. small or a major request, our well-designed website maintenance program covers full content updates. We also let you optimize your content for any type of digital marketing purpose.

Routine updates of the Latest News and Events Update

If you require constantly updating News, Events and other trending topics on your website then Cart Geek’s maintenance plan is an apt choice for you. Routine updates of News and Events help increase the number of visitors on your website and maximize engagement by keeping them updated about what's happening.

Image Optimization

Our Image optimization services include Homepage banners, updating image galleries, event galleries, updating product photos, etc. under Web Maintenance services. By default as in the process, our professionals do optimize images prior to upload.

Elevate and Take Your Website Maintenance Work a Notch Up With Cart Geek

We let you focus on your business and leave the work of your maintenance with us stress-free.

Optimization of Security

Our team of professionals provides the latest, most-effective and updated services of security optimization, Google ReCaptcha Integration, Google Analytics Integration, Full Backup, WordPress Update, Plugin Updates and much more.

Routine reports of all activities

Our professionals maintain routine activity reports that include detailed inspection data along with screenshots. Additionally, we provide technical advice from a highly knowledgeable Technical Inspector, with easy to understand technical terms.

Inspection Check Lists

Our Web Maintenance program consists of a well defined and widely structured inspection checklist. We at Cart Geek include preventive checks like security plugin implementations, captcha integration, etc, performance checks i.e. speed test, broken link check, form processing checks, etc.

Process Automation

Cart-Geek has well designed and developed process automation system that makes sure the activities are being carried out on schedule and are reported transparently to the clients.

Mobile apps and ticket panels

Our well-designed mobile Apps enable, you to manage all your tickets on your mobile itself and communicate with the technical person directly. It is a time saver as it enables you to attach files, reply to a ticket check responses with ease of time and convenience.

Here’s a List of Our Highly and Systematic Maintenance Plans

The list is extensive!



Cart Geek has a team of skilled professionals that constantly work for many well-known eCommerce websites.

Corporate World

Our highly conventional protocol and processes are sure to provide an ease in maintaining Corporate websites.

NGOs and other Social Organizations

Our Web Maintenance program takes up and efficiently manages many NGOs, Social Organizations as well as Community Websites at cost-effective prices.

Blogs and News Group Maintenance

From small blogger websites to big news portal, our experts help maintain and scale up your business.

Schools, Colleges and other Institutional websites

Our team of professionals are highly skilled and specialize in maintaining websites for renowned institutes. Many of our websites are hitting the top-notch of SERP.

Medical, Healthcare and Hospitality

We have highly substantial expertise managing and maintaining all Medical, Healthcare and Hospitality websites seamlessly with efficiency.

Grow your Business with us

Convenient. Cost-effective. Communicative

Leveraging technological resources, Cart Geek Solutions endures as a reliable web application development company that guarantees user-friendly, interactive, scalable and extensive web applications at compelling prices.

Automation & User-friendliness

Our web application development expert strive to create apps with a friendly interface and a wide range of features that enhance engagement. These processes are entirely automated and time-effective thus they play a major role in the reduction of data entry.

Customize. Create. Communicate

We craft customized e-mail solutions and web applications according to your business needs. Our web application effectively enhance your communication and ultimately increase your turnover.

Questions You Want To Know

What is the need for routine maintenance on my business website?

Staying up-to-date on a regular basis with relevant content averts the chances of getting hacked as well as enables you to increase website traffic.

How can we go about getting started with your website maintenance services?

Once we receive the details you entered in the get a quote form, we review the information of your required project. Once we finish reviewing, our representative shares a comprehensive proposal. Once the proposal has been approved, we will begin the maintenance of your website.

what other benefits come along with your website maintenance services?

Our website maintenance services cover all services like updating your website with the latest trends in design and content, updating the software, optimizing the database, reviewing enquiry forms,bugs and removing errors, etc.

Will our data be protected?

It Certainly is! Don’t worry we at Cart Geek strive to make sure that your data is protected.

How many alterations am I allowed to make?

The amount of changes varies from twice to ten times a month, depending on the plan you opt for.

What is the span of time to get a maintenance request completed?

Our team of professionals guarantee to complete your maintenance request within 24-48 hours and close each of your tickets at our earliest. However, in the event of a drastic change request, the TAT may increase.

How much will be the approximate cost of website maintenance on a monthly basis?

The cost of maintenance is calculated by depending on your platform and the nature of the project. It starts from INR, 1000/ month.

What are the types of billing flexibility that you follow?

Based on subscriptions, we offer monthly, quarterly as well as yearly modes of payment.

How should we place a request for support?

You can send us an email or submit your question at our support link / mobile app. It will generate a ticket and it will be closely followed until our support team resolves and closes it.

How often can we get in touch with your team?

Our support team can be contacted anytime by phone and email.

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