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We at CartGeek always provide highly customized solutions to our clients to meet their unique needs. We strive to create successful results and long-term benefits for our customers and we would absolutely love to do it for you.

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End-to-End Software Development Services

As one of India's best development tech companies, we offer our valued customers end-to-end development services. This is what you will receive when you deploy Cart Geek as your software development company.

Software Experts

Our software expert teams offer technical advice to help you incorporate the best in technology-stack and system design framework.

Tailor-made Software Solution

Total domain experience spans over 30+ years which gives us ability to provide scalable, innovative bundled services for mobile and web applications that are high on performance and security.

ERP Software Development

Simplify business processes and improve performance with our bundled ERP implementation tools to boot productivity and efficiency at reduced costs.

Software Quality Checks

We bring in our professional experts into the process from the absolute start of the project to ensure the seamless performance of the software across all platforms.

Software Upgrade & Platform Migration

We are always prepared and equipped to execute and manage the upgrade or migration of your platform from a current to a more robust version.

Support & Maintenance

In addition to providing custom software development services, we also provide our customers with comprehensive software maintenance and support for their platforms.

Employ Software Experts

Apart from the process of software development or during the process, you may also recruit skilled software developers from our pool of experts with an average experience of five years in company-level solutions.

UI or UX Designing

The interactive architecture, functional web interface, motion graphics and the visual element of your web and Mobile apps are supported by our custom software design team.

Software Product Development

Bank on our software development experts who have developed several popular SaaS solutions that easily address several complex business problems

Our Technology Stack

As one of India's leading software developers, our advanced technology solutions encompass a range of services that assist us to respond to customer demands with advanced software solutions, quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Development

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Hybrid
  • Xamarin

Web Development

  • Java
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Laravel
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle

DevOps and Cloud

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Jenkins

Servicing Key Industries

Our services span across all major industries, where we offer the best software development solutions based on each organizations custom needs and requirements. Our extensive reach and expertise in software development has allowed us to service companies in the domain of media & entertainment, healthcare, CRM systems, social networking, CRM systems, eLearning, travel & tourism, logistics and retail.

Retail & E-Commerce

Cart Geek’s robust tailor-made e-commerce software solutions include marketplaces, e-carts, social commerce solutions, auctions and more.


In our gamut of learning services under e-learning solutions we provide corporate e-learn portals, training apps, learning management systems and more.

Social Networks

For social networks our services include Blogs, Wikipedia, building social networks & communities, collaboration solutions, etc.

Travel & Tourism

Under the domain of travel Software our adept design & development services reduces operational cost and boosts your tour & travel business’ ROI making every transaction profitable.

Logistics & Transport

Manage routine workflow and daily schedules using our custom-made software development services for logistics & transportations and maximize your businesses ROI.

Media & Entertainment

We provide in-trend online promotional solutions, tools for social network development and channels for media content distribution in the Media & Entertainment domain.

Healthcare App Solutions

We develop progressive and scalable healthcare solutions with comprehensive healthcare software development services both on web and app.

Banking & Finance Solutions

Our banking & financial software development services include custom solutions for constant cost leadership and ensures exceptional efficiency and agility in operations.

Cart Geek: An established Software Development Partner

Cart Geek is an established and credible software development company in India and has a high ranking amongst agencies in its domain. Here are some statistics that prove why we are a sought after brand for custom software development services

600+ Delighted Clients

In 12+ nations, we have more than 600+ happy customers. We are respected by our clients for our adeptness and agility in developing systems, processes and quick turnaround time in project execution. Our transparency and simplicity in our custom software development process is what make us most sought after.

900+ Project Accomplishment

We have delivered 900+ successful projects with 50+ full-time workers ever since our inception in 2014. Our customers trust our transparent and clear communication channels and our professional staff, which offers easy in tracking and monitoring of the project underway.

Mobile-First Design

Our development team designs chic customised themes, rich plug-ins, highly functional mobile-first platforms that are practical and user-friendly.

Across Domains

Whether it be travel & leisure, shopping & E-Commerce, media and entertainment, transportation, e-learning, finance, medical care etc., we responsible fulfil end-to-end tech requirements of several domains.

Enhanced Security

With advanced security initiatives such as high- security plug-ins, encryption of data, safe management Dashboard etc. our software development agency in India ensures complete scalability & maximum site security.

Cost Effective

Our software development services are known for excellence in service and cost effectiveness. We can assure you of the best prices across the country and if you do get a better offer, we will accept a lower price!

Exhaustive Development

Whether it be travel & leisure, shopping & E-Commerce, media and entertainment, transportation, e-learning, finance, medical care etc., we responsible fulfil end-to-end tech requirements of several domains.

Comprehensive Protection

Post roll-out our specialists are at your service, keeping an eye on the progress of your software to ensure your platform is bug-free and routinely checked.


We have adopted the FTR (First Time Right) concept, indicating the distribution of high quality software product within a specified period, is efficiently implemented by our software developers.

Grow Business With Us

Lean Thinking

Working with over 100 startups we have learnt to become lean, adept, quick and gung ho. Because isn’t that is what it takes?

Partner Assist

Working with over 100 startups we have learnt to become lean, adept, quick and gung ho. Because isn’t that is what it takes?

Product Mindset

We are all about our products. Consumer wants, Go-to-market and expense recovery is always on our mind.

Think. Design.

The essence of our UX approach is accessibility, convenience, experience and conversion.

Our Team

It’s what we practice to hire the best and worry less. To deliver flawless products, top teams need less manual support.

Accredited Company

Our employees do not merely have the expertise; they are trained in their respective technologies.

Questions You Want To Know

The time it takes to create a fully functioning version of the software is based on multiple factors such as the complexity of the project and the number of revisions you need. Customized UI / UX design will take between 1-4 weeks. Once that is done, depending on the number of pages and features needed, the development phase requires an additional 1-6 weeks. We are pursuing an agile model of software development that helps us produce the project as soon as possible.

Yes! We provide you with a project manager dedicated solely to your project who will keep you updated at regular intervals about what’s going on in your project. You can also provide your dedicated project manager with your feedback/inputs.

Yes, you can choose your project’s software development team in India according to your requirements and specifications.

We encourage our clients to monitor the development of their software program as it helps us in getting timely reviews which enable us to provide you with the best software solution. We will provide you with a username and password to login to our development server where we will be developing your software. This will allow you to check the progress of your software.

It is not always important to meet face to face. Our web applications are typically completed with contact by telephone, email or skype.

We offer both of these models to our customers. If you want to have complete control over the development process of the website without hiring employees, then choose a dedicated resource model will suit your needs. If however, your requirements are unlikely to change then a fixed time/price model will suit you better.

This clause is included in the IP contract, and Cartgeek and its customers also sign a strict NDA. In fact, Cartgeek and its employees sign the same agreement.

We offer an array of maintenance and support services. Our team is always here to help you in case you encounter any problems or glitches. Our software development department frequently audits our procedures and periodically trains employees. And these actions ensure that our customers ‘ intellectual property are always secure.

Once we have discussed the specifications and price of your custom software creation with you, we commit to that price and our customers do not have any hidden charges

Yes, we provide our customers with extended software protection plans. At Cartgeek, we offer complete software maintenance and support services to resolve any software related problems or if you need to make some changes in your web app

Generally speaking, custom-made software provides the most efficient system as it is designed to meet your specific business needs. It also provides more flexibility and support to the consumer.

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