9 Facts About Web Application Development You Can’t Miss

When you are exploring the web application development market facts to be on the right track.

Web Application development process is normally done to ease the life of the users and the clients want to target. Also, these types of applications are normally developed to ease the daily lives of the users and businesses to bring flexibility.

Running on all the kinds of platforms Android and iOS on all kinds of devices these web-based applications reach out to a large number of audiences.

Interesting Web Application Development Facts

So, here are some amazing facts about web app development that will improve the understanding of the website and will help you set your digital goals before you form a partnership with a web application development company.

1. A Website should not Look Same on Diverse Computer Screens

All your customers will not be using the same browser. Browsers in each device render a website differently. So because of this reason, a website that looks a certain way on Google Chrome in desktop computer looks different on some other browser in your iPhone.

How a website will look on the screen depends on factors such as parsing and rendering of the browser, means how a browser translate the code in a website and display it on your screen.

2. Many of your Readers will Simply Scan the Website

In one of the research surveys on how people read websites, Nielsen Group has found that 79% of the test users just scanned the website, and only 16% of users read the text word by word. Which means more than half of the users normally scan the website.

This means a website must be in scannable text, including keywords, sub-headings, bulleted lists, not more than one idea in a paragraph, and fewer words.

Credibility is one of the most essential factors for the web users which can be increased by good quality graphics, outbound hypertext links, and good writing in a formal style.

3. Life Span of Website is Just 3 Years

In this era, digital space is continually evolving. Either it’s hardware or it’s software, everything on the Internet is bound to change in a few years, and its result affects the websites too.

So, a website designed three years back should be upgraded to the latest technology available to provide the optimum level of user experience.

In today’s scenario, new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain have begun impacting websites. Most of the Top companies have already powered their website with new-age technologies to take a data-driven approach and get visibility into the system.

4. Your Source Code of Website Affects Search Engine Ranking

Normally Search engines read the source code of the website, and so it is essential that developers make the code SEO friendly. Normally search engines like Google pick up the ranking signals from different HTML elements.

Web developing during the application development process must focus on elements such as HTML title tag, meta description tag, header tags, and structured data tag. Most of the search engines value social media, as do most of the prospective customers.

Incorporating social media elements into the design of your website will help it to rank better with search engines. When designing the website, make sure that you include your social media icons and, for all of your social media accounts, like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

This will not only rank your site more highly among search engines, but it will also show your potential customers that your company is more personable.

5. Capabilities of the website can be restricted by website template

Normally in the market of web application development, website templates have become a common favourite of those who have little or no idea of coding and do not want to spend too much time on web application development.

Although website templates are the easy way out, it limits your capabilities to use design elements of your choice or at times bloat coding as well. One of the first and most obvious consideration in selecting the template is you must be very clear on the type of website that you want to build.

This can surprise you that this tip made the list because it is a given: no one builds a site without knowing what actually is the need of customers.

However, there can be so many wonderful, stand-out templates out there that if you are a newbie developing a website for your product, it can be difficult not to be tempted to select a cool theme for its visually appealing design, instead of a theme that is appropriate for your site.

Each and every website has its own peculiarities, its own specificity. If you want to construct an e-commerce site, it cannot be constructed in the mould of a personal blog, no matter how pleasing and simple a personal blog might appear.

Understanding the features of your web site is, therefore, the first and most important, but often ignored part of selecting a proper template.

6. Multimedia Content Can Have Positive or Negative Impact on Your Website

Some of the multimedia content such as videos and images must be used judiciously to achieve the desired positive result.

Although according to one survey report, 73% of visitors are influenced by videos and multimedia, excessive use of videos and images could slow down the website significantly and can have a negative impact.

As a result, visitors may leave the website out of frustration. Besides, it can also make the website look messy and can confuse them. By adding multimedia to your website is an effective way of drawing in more viewers and building the brand. People become extremely visual.

It would be nearly impossible to position your brand today without including audio, video and supporting images to build brand recognition. Put simply, building your brand requires the use of every multimedia asset available to you.

7. Two Third of Web Users are mobile users

In the current era, the rise of smartphones has changed the medium through which users reach out to a website. Most of the users surf the Internet on mobile devices so in today’s era developers need to make sure that their web application development company must optimize websites so that UX can be pleasant for mobile users.

8. Demographics Impact the User Behaviour

One-size-fits-all websites ar on extinction. Since individuals follow totally different cultures in numerous places, they react to technology otherwise in addition.

It suggests that human ecology plays a vital role in user behaviour. To tackle this, businesses should conduct a deep analysis of their visitant demographics to urge a positive response from their users.

9. Users will kind Their Opinions in 0.9 Seconds

Users simply take 0.9 seconds for users to create and associate opinion. So, make certain that the primary few seconds once users land on the web site offer them with decent expertise.

thus if you wish to form a decent impression within the mind of the user you’ve got around 0.9 seconds to impress them. you’ll be able to produce a decent impression by employing a correct content layout, images, and background theme.

thus the website is often developed by anyone, however, if you wish to develop a high-quality web site than it takes time and energy. Do check these facts before developing an internet site.


It’s very robust to mess with facts, however, this doesn’t mean merely|that you just} got to develop an internet site that’s simply a replica of other standard websites. However, typically there’s continually area for experimentation and innovative ideas, however after all while not meddling with facts.