Sales CRM Helps Automating Your Sales Process

Today we are living in a world full of automation in different sectors , even the simplest of tasks nowadays are all automated such as opening a door, turning on lights etc… Why are we moving towards automation ??

It’s because it helps us in cost-cutting and helps us achieve high efficiency. In industries automation also helps reduce manual work, faster completion of work which in turn helps in a greater rate of outcome with high efficiency and reduced cost.

In sales automation the management of manual, time-consuming and tasks having large database are taken care of by a software management tool, here we will be talking about automating your sales process with sales Customer Relation Management ( CRM) software.

Features of Sales automation:

  1. Increases Revenue
  2. Increases Efficiency
  3. Improves Productivity
  4. Cost Reduction

Let us now understand how sales automation helps our business grow and achieve greater heights.

1. Automate task:

You can’t ignore the amount of time that is saved due to automation. In task automation , the CRM software is designed to do repetitive work with efficiency so that the time required for doing less useful work may be shifted in doing important work and get better results. Repetitive manual work such as making daily sales entry in the log file and maintaining the log file can be handed over to the sales software manager.
Through effective use of the software consistency is maintained and it is much easier to have a track of record.

a) Contact Management:

The sales team not only have to maintain the contacts log but also have to keep updating the potential customers and clients about the new features or during the offer period. With a long list of contacts and to keep track of things they would be interested in, requires a lot of effort and separate allocation of time for this particular task.

But through sales automation software this can be done very efficiently this helps majorly in process. And hence boost the progress in achieving the target.

b) Proposal Writing:

One more important task in sales process includes Proposal Writing , here the sales rep has to draft effective proposals, quotes and contracts from collecting information received from various mails and data logs.
Integration of CRM software with business proposal software tools like PandaDoc, Proposify,Loopio etc so when proposals are created essential details from proposals are transfered.
Internal workflow can be assigned to these software , so u can have previews etc before final draft is sent , along with timely reminders.

2. Reporting:

a) Market Reports:

There are various trends coming up each day and the market graph can have a lot of ups and downs. The market keeps on changing with changes brought along with needs, availability and many other factors.

It is very important to study the current market and also predict future market demands and generate accurate reports and accordingly launch products for the survival of the business. CRM does all this effectively.

b)Task Reports:

Along with generating market reports and various other administrative tasks comes daily report generation, which includes maintaining a history of a number of calls made, emails sent tasks assigned to a particular sales representative, keeping a record of the completed task, etc.

Depending on the calls, noting down the successful calls, etc too requires more time and effort, the time spent in these tasks can be cut down by assigning these tasks to the ultimate CRM software.

3. Effective Targeting :

There is no point in sending emails, SMS or making calls as promotions to clients without knowing them in terms of their interests and requirements which would result in not getting the desired response.

Hence it’s very important to collect data from past history available and then divide them based on their past purchases, this can be termed as effective targeting as you are selecting a set of people to send a particular promotion based on their interest.

The response rate will be much higher as compared to sending random promotions to all.

Also, Lead Prioritization should also be followed to maximize the sales, making calls or sending emails should be done based on the list of potential clients, the list should start with the details of potential customers followed by others.

Managing sales becomes much easier when you have a smart and powerful tool like CRM sales management software which assists you through the process effectively and helps improve business.