Beginners Guide to SEO – How You Can Start Implementing Your Own Website

What is SEO? And Why Do We Use It?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO upgrades both the quality and quantity of the content. By doing so the page secures higher ranking in the search engine results page.

This is necessary because there will be hundreds of good articles available on the internet, but if nobody is visiting those pages the efforts taken by the writer to develop a valuable content goes all in vain, to avoid such disappointment, we turn towards improving marketing strategies and SEO.

SEO collects all the keywords, 1-2 words keyword phrases that have been used in the content and optimizes the webpage based on those keywords.

With improved ranking on the search engine results page more traffic is generated which in turn boost your sales or makes your article viral, resulting profiting business.

It basically improves organic search results of search engines. It involves a lot of analysis to be done and design of a proper algorithm. There are a number of steps to be followed while optimizing a page with SEO.

What are the types of SEO?

The SEO is classified into 4 types based on the method used to optimize the search results
They are as follows

1.White Hat SEO
2. Black Hat SEO
3. Grey Hat SEO
4. Negative SEO

Black Hat SEO

In Black Hat SEO, the page is optimized with repeated and unnecessary use of keywords, which degrades the quality of the content. These pages are just made to rank higher simply with irrelevant content.

It helps you rank better in a faster way, but this method goes against the guidelines provided by the google guidelines (google webmaster guidelines) and hence they carry the risk that your website be banned from the search results or there are chances that content will receive the lower rank.

Here although the cost and time required are less, it holds a higher percentage of risk and has a low value.

White Hat SEO

Unlike the Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO rightly follows all the guidelines provided by google webmaster guidelines. It ethically makes your website gain a higher position in the search engine results page.

It follows google’s algorithm correctly and doesn’t exploit it by finding loopholes and weakness. This approach is used by most of the known websites to rank their articles higher and recommend others to follow the same approach. A white Hat SEO approach is time-consuming, more expensive and more valuable and reduces risk.

Grey Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO lies in between both the Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. It does not follow the google webmaster guidelines correctly and includes a mixture of practice carried out by Black Hat SEO as well as white Hat SEO.

This technique is not labelled as deceptive but we should be cautious while using this method, it is suggested to avoid. This technique is usually followed when traffic is generated through clickbait pages. This approach has medium time, cost requirements, values and risk also lie in between as compared to black and white Hat SEO.

As google’s quality guideline explains that the webmasters should not assume it would be safe to use a specific deceptive technique just because if it is not mentioned in the guidelines page that doesn’t mean it is approved by Google.

The webmaster who follows the guidelines and keeps using legitimate methods, even though they are time-consuming will receive better results and will provide a better user experience than those looking for loopholes and weakness to exploit it

Negative Hat SEO

In this technique, the Black Hat SEO or Gray Hat SEO approach is applied to other websites, which will cause their pages to get banned and removed which would help your site getting better ranks, in short, its removing competitors which act as hurdles in your path, and making it easy for your pages to get a higher position.

On-Page versus Off-Page SEO technique

Two Important Categories of SEO Techniques

1. On-Page SEO

Here page is optimized to get higher ranking by manipulating main article or internal work done on the page such as improving content quality, infusing keywords obtained by google search list, using keywords at appropriate places such as in the title, URL, and an image description or links also including meta description etc.

Types of On-page SEO techniques

1. Content

The content quality and quantity is very important, the readers who visit your blog comes with an expectation to take back more information than that he knows about that particular topic. So it is necessary to provide an in-depth and researched article which will increase dwell time and will make the user more engaging.

2. SEO yoast for WordPress

There are many SEO tools available online which will help you improve the quality of your content. One of the top tools used is the SEO Yoast for WordPress. SEO makes it easy for you to improve the overall content quality of the content and also helps to find effective keywords and optimizes your page by proper placement.

3. Image SEO

Image SEO is a valuable asset. It helps to optimize page search, also good images are appealing and ensures faster page loading. Good resolution images with reduced file size are a must in every site because when a google search for images displays pictures used in your site, it redirects to the original source that is your blog which generates more traffic.

4. User-friendly URLs

User-friendly URLs are those which are short and simple, which helps users remember the site visited and make them convenient to revisit it again later. Avoid using figures and characters in your URL.

5. Off-Page SEO

This method is concerned with improving the ranking of the page by making use of external sources such as generating more traffic, increasing social media shares, commenting, link building, purchasing advertisement of different site to raise awareness etc.

Types of Off-page SEO Techniques

1. Social media sharing

Social media is a vast platform, there are thousands of users actively using social networking sites or applications. You can easily promote your blog post here if the users are interested you will receive lots of likes and shares.

2. Rating

There are many articles available about the same topic, which one to select and start reading?? Most of the users select the articles with higher ratings and review, so it is necessary that most of the people know about your article and read it to review it.

3. Guest blogging

To promote yourself and your articles, the best way to do this is to visit famous websites which are known for their quality content. Write an interesting article there and then people will search more about you and your articles and they will start visiting your page too, which will generate more traffic to your page.

4. Loading speed

Faster loading websites are a must, the load time shouldn’t be more than 3 seconds, if so the users will skip your website and check out the other sites with quicker response. One of the easy ways for quicker loading is including images in your articles.

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