Need to Convert Your Blog to SEO Machine? Here Are 3 Ways to Achieve That

In this article, we will be understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) and key factors which must be included while writing a good blog so that it can be known and read by as many readers as possible on the internet.

There are many good articles on the internet published on unrecognized sites, but as they fail in the marketing strategy, they are unable to grasp the reader’s attention.

It is found that about 80 % blog is left unnoticed having literally no traffic. To get traffic to your site you must be known.

Therefore it is necessary to design a blog for SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) purposes. SEO does not degrade the quality for your content but helps your blog get proper exposure that it deserves, the efforts you took in doing research and creating interesting content would end up going in vain if you do not plan a proper strategy before publishing.

SEO plays a vital role in getting the desired output for your articles giving you good feedback and increasing revenue. Cart Geek provides SEO Services in Mumbai & India inorder to achieve highest possible results.

To Get Your Blog Known to Many, You Must Consider the Following Tips

#1. Doing proper research

Proper research about the topic and keywords are a must . It would also happen that you are using keywords without realising it and just including them as a part of your quality content.

It would be more efficient if the same is done after finding out the keywords and 2-3 word phrases and then including them in the article which will improve search results.

#2. Utilize keywords throughout your post

After you have conducted enough research and found the keywords, you have to make proper placing, they should be included in your title, at the begin / or end of paragraphs, in the links provided and also in title tags and meta descriptions, they altogether improve the extent of the search and provide amazing results.

#3. Optimize your images

Even when you are uploading images it would be good practice to include keywords in the reference links and also while giving a good description of the image with keywords extend the search optimization capabilities.

#4. Reference others with links

When you are referring to other websites to collect more information regarding a particular topic it is suggested to add the reference link as well in your blog.

This indicates polite behaviour and is useful for the reader as they are provided reference to more resources and also proves beneficial for a referred website too as it increases backlinks and simultaneously increasing your chances of receiving backlinks to your blogs too.

#5. Give readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog

Provide them features such as signing up for newsletters or option of subscribing so that they can be immediately notified by sending mails to their provided mail id when a new post comes up on the blog.

This will ensure they return to your site if they find the topic on which the blog is written interesting.

#6. Use social media to broaden the reach of your blogs.

Social media is a vast platform, there are thousands of users actively using social networking sites or applications. You can easily promote your blog post there if the users are interested, you will receive lots of likes and shares.

#7. Purchasing social sites advertising to drive awareness.

Along with posting your blog links on your social networking site profiles, it is also required to do proper promotion, purchasing ads on Google, Facebook etc can lead to more awareness and enhance generating more traffic to your blog.

Search Engine Optimization

This method is used to generate more traffic to your blog and to increase click-through rates etc by making your blog look attractive and getting it ranked at a higher position by including keywords, phrases etc. we will learn about this in detail below.

Using all of the above suggestions will work fine, but considering SEO works great!

It would provide better results faster as compared to other methods.

So let’s begin, we will understand the top 3 ways to transform your blog into the SEO machine.

1. An SEO plugin must be employed.

There are many SEO tools available. But it is not required to include all to get the best ranking, instead of selecting one and making its optimum use is suggested.

Yoast, All in One SEO, Rank Math, and SEOPress are some of the widely used tools, it is important to understand the use of each one of them and select the one which suits your requirements best.

After choosing the right tool making correct use of it, is necessary, first, it is better to get familiar with it its usage and how it will help you to get more out of your site.

2. Do keyword research

Research is important. Assuming you know the best will lead to downfall, even though you have selected keywords which according to you is best, you should do a lot of research with the help of different tools and find out which keywords actually create an impact.

Using localized keywords is best suited when you are a local business. Finding the right keywords is not a tough challenge. You can open a free Adword account where you can find new words available, these keywords can be used in your blog or articles.

Also when you are looking for keywords, Google will provide you with similar keywords that people are actually searching in recent times. You can manage the list of keywords obtained by your extensive search in an excel sheet which can be used later as well.

3. Select a keyword to be included in your title, permalinks, and first sentence.

Firstly, it is necessary to make sure that your WordPress is set to name the page URL as your post name, this automatically then places the keyword in the URL. Make sure that the keyword that you have used is also repeated a few numbers of times on your article.

The SEO does not guarantee that every time the reader is directed to your page, so it is necessary to make proper arrangement so that each user once visited may be updated or can be known to your new blogs, This challenge is overcome by providing convenient option for the reader to subscribe to your site, which will notify the reader when you have uploaded new article.