Why mobile apps have become necessity for education sector amid corona outbreak ?

A Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once said, “Change is the only constant thing in life.” When I glance at the changes, where everyone is marching towards the digital world, I’ve seen that education has transformed from the chalkboard to touch screens. These changes feel like the fast-cars, speeding before your very eyes.

We are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, while no one is there to solve the queries that we ask in schools and tuitions. As the educational apps are growing, all the schools and teachings have moved into our basements and living rooms.

Importance of mobile apps amid this coronavirus outbreak-


1. Safety-

With each day passing by, the chances of the reopening of coachings are up in the air. The government itself has shut down the schools and colleges to curb the virus. Now, it is high time for students to continue their curriculum and syllabus through online resources and mobile apps.

Like Bjyus, the online learning app has made its lessons free for all the students from class 1st grade to 12th class.
(Byjus Mobile App)


2. Accessibility-

Now, students don’t have to worry about their books in their bookshelves when they can get useful study material in their online library.
For instance, the Unacademy app provides various online courses, study material, revisions notes for exam preparations.
(Udemy Courses)



3. Privacy-

There are various third-party service providers through which the teachers can reach out to students and can teach them. The problem is that anyone can access private groups, which is a threat to the privacy of an institute. So, it is recommended for schools and institutes to build-up their apps with an excellent interface.



4. Tracking-

Through educational apps, parents can easily track the performance of the children. Also, it is easy to track the overall or individual subject and improve accordingly. This feature is very beneficial as it enables the parents to monitor children’s study progress flow and guide them correspondingly.


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