10 Reasons Why Your Should Update Your Website Regularly

In today’s fast-moving and dynamic times, merely owning a website is not enough to guarantee the success of your business. As the saying goes, the first impression is indeed the last impression. and that’s why you choose best web application development company in order to get things right from intial step.

Users have become so knowledgeable and tech-savvy that they will move on to another brand and business if they don’t find your website professional and appealing on a continuous basis.

It is therefore of vital importance that you keep your website updated and in sync with the current and ongoing trend of web design.

The following 10 reasons will give an insight into why is it absolutely necessary to keep your organisation’s website updated.


An updated website is a responsive and robust website which means it can be easily accessed on various different platforms; even by people on the constant move.

Having an updated website design will ensure that you do not miss out on any of your potential clients and keep a track of their changing needs and possess the proper model to handle that & do whole website maintenance thing..

Action calls

Your calls-to-action approach has to be effective and very clear so as to lead to greater conversions in favour of your business.

Your visitors should not get lost in the maze of too many details such that they miss out on this important link or button. An updated website focuses on this factor effectively and lets the user focus on what is the need of the hour.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every time an update is made by the search engine your website is affected. You need to take consideration of these changes and be constantly on the top.

If you delay incorporating these iterations, you, along with your business, will lag behind. This will not only include updating the existing content but also keeping the basic codes related to the design updated with the changing demand of time.

Theme of website

The theme of your website also plays a big role in the outlook of your potential customers. With trends changing rapidly in modern times, no theme is here to stay for a long time.

Also, if there is a shift in the company’s approach or direction, it is vital that its website theme reflects that. So, it is of utmost importance that the company takes the latest trend and its own vision its consideration while updating its website.

Easy to Use

Random changes in technology lead to changes in the usability of your website. An updated website helps to keep pace with changing user preferences from time to time and incorporating the changing perspective of the market in the website updation.

Along with implementing ease of use in terms of computers, it is also crucial to have a website that is mobile-friendly.

With the ever-increasing popularity of portable devices, it is absolutely mandatory to have a wide presence across popular platforms like smartphones and tablets.

Aspects related to ease of navigability and enhanced user experience can be focused upon time and again and then rigorously worked upon.

Peak Times

With visitors having no time to spare and demanding ultra-fast access, the loading time of your website is crucial in deciding whether they wait or move on to another website.

Keeping your website’s file system updated is one of the factors deciding load times and that in turn determines largely the traffic on your website.

Coding Aspect

A robust and updated website will comply with the latest coding standards or techniques of the market which is necessary to maintain the load speeds of your website.

Many websites rank low in Google search due to having old coding techniques such as unnecessary HTML codes, which also degrade your website speed. Thus, the timely update of such websites is important.


Keeping the software of your website updated is important from a security point of view as customers tend to deal in sites which are secure.

If your website isn’t secure, it is more susceptible to the ever-increasing attack from hackers who can either hack your website or slow it down.

In today’s world, securing your customer’s data is crucial and any laxity in this regard could lead to loss of trust and consequent fall in business. Thus, all programs, designs and software should be abreast with modern technologies.

Great Content

Your website may pull visitors initially with the high visual appeal but you need great content to retain their interest. Writing relevant, interesting and targeted content comes only if your website is updated from time to time.

Even the content of your website should be crisp and directed properly towards the targeted audience to generate the desired response. Stock pictures Pictures play a prominent role in the customer’s insight into your vision and company as a whole.

This is why the use of stock photos is undesirable. Original photography not only helps you to present your own views to the pictures being used but also helps provide uniqueness to your website.

Also, it accurately depicts what the company aims to provide in terms of a product or a specific service, which subsequently helps to align the expectations and needs of the customer.

No user wants to waste time on a website for a product or service they are not looking for. Thus, being on point and accordingly updating the website periodically improves the overall perception of the customer towards your company.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the average time users spend on your website after first visiting your homepage. If the users move on to other websites within 5-10 seconds after visiting your homepage, then it is highly possible that there is something wrong with either the content, ease of navigation, the overall look or all of the points mentioned.

A bounce rate of about 50-60% is considered ok but if it is above that range, then it is an indicator that the website needs major redesign or update. A periodic update is thus a prerequisite to keep your website’s bounce rate in check.

Evaluation of Effectiveness

You need to constantly monitor the effectiveness of your website through varied tools like Google Analytics and others.

The number of visitors visiting your site and pages visited by them and what needs to be changed thereafter can be evaluated if the website is updated on a constant basis.

Be in Sync with Current Market Trends

Your website is the face of your business and users intentionally or unintentionally form a conclusion about your business from your website. If it is outdated and badly structured users will make the same inference about your

Your products and services should be effectively brought into light through an updated website and it should thus be able to grab proper attention from the people.

All the above aspects are important in keeping your website traffic up and going. While a number of other aspects might exist for traffic fluctuation, it is expected that if the above aspects are properly looked into and worked upon, it will increase the quantum of people visiting your website and subsequently be beneficial for your business.

A website is the face of your company’s goals and values and hence it is of utmost importance to keep your website well maintained and updated.

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