Key Points to Consider While Optimizing Your E-commerce Websites for Mobile

The 57 % of traffic making a beeline for your site from cell phones ought to be reason enough to make you need to enhance your site for cell phones, yet that isn’t the main persuading factor says an ecommerce website design company in India.

Google thinks about your dimension of portable streamlining on both work area and cell phones, and soon, it might change to a versatile first record; at the end of the day, mobile app development services India believe Google will organize creeping mobile devices over work desktop sites. That doesn’t mean it will reject work area destinations out and out, yet they are ending up decreasingly critical over the long haul.

Here a few factors put forward by website designing company in India that one can consider while making their e-commerce websites mobile optimized:

Availability of visuals:

The first thing that one needs to consider is to see whether all kinds of video and image contents can be seen on mobiles. If the site does not upgrade and continue using old codes then the images might fail to load on all kinds of mobile devices.


No one likes to zoom in and try to decipher English which looks like some other language one is not aware of. The site should have readable texts.

Interactive feel and ease of use:

Usually people use a mouse to move around the cursor and select the needed options, but in mobile phones that is not the case, the buttons which were previously small need to be made bigger for people using a phone.


If a page takes a lot of time to load it becomes a reason for This is the sole reason why mobile app Development Company in India says that the speed of page loading needs to be kept in check. Slower loading processes in the desktop can still make sense but on mobile phones, it becomes a very weird issue.

Coding and formatting:

It is extremely important for the device to be compatible with the specific coding and formatting used.

Minimal pop-up:

Pop up ads are very common, but guess what? They are equally disturbing when you are looking for something important. Hence people need to keep in mind that there are lesser numbers of pop up and there should be an option which will enable the viewers to close the pop-ups as soon as possible preferably in one click.

Intuitions of the user:

The intuition of the user needs to be well fed. Sites like Google offer tests that are mobile device friendly and they help to evaluate whether the site that is being processed is device friendly or not.


You can handle a large portion of these adjustments in a single singular motion by embracing a responsive plan for your site. There are different choices to make your site versatile streamlined, including setting up a different site explicitly for portable, however, they include somewhat more work and specialized learning. For whatever length of time that you can hit most or the majority of the focuses above, you will be fine.